How to not Hoard Mementos

How to not Hoard Mementos

I prefer to limit the amount mementos in our home, and like the idea of keeping one box each with the things that mean the most.

I know that Ben does not understand or share my feelings, but I think that for the most part, sentimental objects become cumbersome as we grow older, and irrelevant when stored away in boxes where they never see the light of day. My thoughts are, how often are you really going to be looking at old things from your school days? In all the years that you have not been living at home you don’t seem to have missed these items, so why hang on to all of it now?

I completely understand that it is the feelings and memories that these objects evoke when we look at them that makes them precious. However, I think the feelings and memories are more precious than the objects, since the feelings and memories would still be there if the objects were never saved, and long after the objects are gone.

I am not suggesting that everything should get tossed out, or that Ben should never bring objects from his childhood home, but feel that certain objects, can be scanned, or photographed and perpetually displayed instead of being collected, stored in a box in the basement, and rarely seen.

That said, instead of putting my wedding items away in a box, I chose to display them in fame. I glued the bow from my shoes (I was never going to wear them again) and my something blue (blue broaches clipped to my shoes) to the frame (purchased at HomeGoods). Then, placed a swatch from the table cloth, a piece of my husbands tie, and the Table 1 place card in the frame.


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