DIY: Easy Wine Cork Wreath for Less Than $20

DIY: Easy Wine Cork Wreath for Less Than $20

A few years ago, I saw a wine cork wreath at Breaux Vineyards. Ever since, I’ve been saving my wine corks to try and make one. After collecting more than four freezer bags full–don’t judge me–I finally made the attempt.

Can you DIY? Yes! It was so easy to make. Step 1, pop in your favorite Christmas movie, and hot glue wine corks all willy nilly on a styrofoam wreath form until you can’t see anymore styrofoam. Then, hot glue a seasonal bush/stem (mine is from Michaels) to the corks.

For the next wine cork wreath, I’ll use a straw wreath form, or wrap the styrofoam wreath with fabric to speed up the gluing process.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Creativity/Artistic Ability: Little to None

Total Cost: $17 (not inlcuding the wine drank to get the corks)


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